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Beauty Salon CPA Accounting

When it comes to accounting, wellness businesses have unique needs. Financial reporting requirements differ from the average small business and managing the books properly takes some help from the right CPA. At Strategic Accounting and Tax Solutions, we specialize in wellness industry accounting so we understand the opportunities and financial challenges that come with operating this type of business. We'll help you navigate complex accounting and tax regulations to overcome obstacles and maximize profits.

Our focus is on accounting solutions, tax strategies, and consulting services for businesses in the health, beauty, and wellness industry. We work with med spas, hair and nail salons, and fitness center franchises. We support entrepreneurs through all stages of business development from conception to growth to the sale of the franchise.

Find out how working with a CPA that knows franchise accounting will make your business all it can be. Contact us now for a free consultation or call us at (616) 935-7018.

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